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Turkey & Grocery Certificates

Our certificates can be redeemed at any United states retail food store that accepts manufacturer's coupons. Membership stores in general do not. If the grocery store has any questions they can call us anytime at (877) 788-7539.
Yes. All the certificates have an expiration date printed on the front. Corporate Traditions has the longest expiration dates among all our competitors.
There are two main ways to contact Corporate Traditions. 1) Call us at 1-877-788-7539, or 2) email us at [email protected].
No. Certificates are only good for the item(s) listed on the front of the certificate.
You do not have to pay payroll tax on this gift! This great gift falls under the De Minimis Fringe Benefits. Note: This is for the turkey, ham, and grocery vouchers. The Gift Card+ product would be taxed the same way as you have taxed the purchase of regular gift cards in the past.
Yes and No. If you purchase an item that is more than the certificate allows then you will just need to pay the balance of the purchase price over the certificate amount.