Corporate Traditions

Welcome to the custom GiftYouPick™ page.

We have 12 approved websites that cover millions of items. If you couldn't find a gift you wanted from any of those stores, no problem, follow the steps below to tell us what online store you do shop at and what item/items you wanted. There are no promises that we can get you that item from a non-approved website, but we will do our best!

Same rules apply as in the last page; mainly, if your gift goes over slightly of the value of your GiftYouPick™ you can just pay the difference with your own debit/credit card via our secure network. Also, you cannot go over 2 times the amount of your GiftYouPick™ value. No refunds, exchanges, or returns on websites outside our 12 approved stores.


After choosing your Gift, COPY & PASTE the link(s) in the box(s) below. (No gift cards can be picked.) Do not add your item to your own shopping cart.




If you have more than 1 item click here

Your Contact Info.

Double Check all information and click Submit to have our Gifting Specialist see if we can get your custom gift ordered from your non-approved website.